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The Vision

BarberVision’s model is the marriage of classic barber service with Great service, community, and building personal relationships with our clients.


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Derrick “Dee” Rogers is a passionate Master Barber of Austin, Texas. A native Louisianan, he moved to Austin nearly 15 years ago. Soon after relocating to Austin, Dee went to and completed study at the Roffler School of Hair Design . He started his barbering career at Hair Studio where he spent over 9 years then continued to build his business at Generations barbershop over the following 4 years and now has opened the doors of BarberVision.

As a barber and not just a guy who cuts hair, each trip to Dee is a consultation for Your Vision. Dee’s goal is to have your vision come to life.


PRICE CHANGE (Effective Nov. 1st)

"The BarberVision" Full Service Haircut

Haircut and Clipper Shave (Beard) plus “The BarberVision” shampoo service
with Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

Add razor to front edge - $5


Works for the edges of the Haircut!
… ‘or’ a quick clipper Beard trim.

Add razor to front edge - $5

Beard Trim

Clipper shave and/or with mustache trim, edging the beard,
edging the goatee, or chinstrap on the face

Classic Haircut Service

Gentlemens Haircut: Great haircut including the clipper shave.

Add razor to front edge - $5
Add razor to beard trim - $8

Old School Razor Head-Shave

Classic Flip-out Barber razor shave for your smooth bald head.
Hot lather & Hot towel prep for a ultra refreshing experience.

Kids Cuts

Your lil-man will look absolutely AWESOME!
Ages 9 and under

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